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31st December
written by katherine

NYE: Well, it is New Year’s Eve…and this has been a truly rollercoaster year. I have to say I have learned a lot about myself this past year…or should I say re-learned a lot about myself. I definitely relearned to appreciate everything that I have and the amazing life and friends and especially husband that I am blessed with. Being nearly broke and truly worrying about where we will find the money to make it through definitely makes you re-evaluate what is important. We are still in a position that is uncomfortable for us, too much debt and my income situation in flux, but I think we are on the right track now.

I do have to say that I am really going to miss having champagne tonight…it sounds REALLY good…maybe I can have a glass and stop at one…even though I will want more :)

We have decided to not go anywhere tonight…we were invited to a party I believe at Jamie or Amber’s house tonight with Jen, but we didn’t want to drive all the way up there and be out with all the crazies on the road tonight. Andrea and Ryan asked if we wanted to go to the hockey game tonight, even though it starts at 5 and we’d be home by 8:30 and the tickets are pretty cheap…I just didn’t feel like going out. We are talking about perhaps going out to dinner somewhere…early. I’m looking forward to the fireworks and cuddling with my favorite person in the whole world, maybe watching a movie.

Baby: We are (well mostly me) waffling on the name now. Not only was Isabella in the top 10 names in the US for the decade and 2009, but was the TOP name in AZ for the last THREE YEARS! I just don’t want to my child to have the same name as so many others! I think we have some research to do to come up with some good alternatives, there are quite a few names that I really like, it will be convincing Bob that will be the difficult part I think!

Health Stuff: Went to the OB on the 28th and asked about the protein and especially cholesterol levels…he basically said that they don’t test for those things in pregnancy because they are irrelevant. He definitely made me feel better, so nothing to worry about, although I have cut out the McDonald’s for breakfast over the last month and have been having high fiber oatmeal and now carnation breakfast as well. It’s yummy and good for me, nearly all the fiber I need in just those two things.

I have been sleeping a LOT this week, like 11 or 12 hours a night! I even took a two+ hour nap on Monday…just fell asleep on the couch with Bandit! I am a little concerned that I am so tired, but I’m probably just on the downslide heading into my 3rd trimester. I also need to stop staying up with Bob and going to bed at a decent hour.

Christmas: We had a good Christmas, starting out with calls from my Aunts in Louisiana and then calls from Bob’s family in Canada. We spent a good 90 minutes on the phone! Needless to say it took us a while to finally get to unwrapping presents; we of course had to first dress up the kitties! I had gotten a Santa and ms Claus outfit for them on clearance last year at Target and had to wait a whole year to dress them up in them! They hated it, especially Myah, but we got them all dressed up and got pictures. Bob had a very cool t-shirt made for me custom that he designed himself. It has a progress bar at 65% and says “Baby geek loading…PLEASE WAIT” and I LOVE IT!!! He also got me the Jared Allen Vikings jersey that I really wanted. He also go the baby Einstein Mozart DVD I had been looking for, I’m so lucky! The baby got so many clothes from Grandma as well as the beautiful red Cashmere cardigan that Dylan got her and Jen got her a cute beanie baby monkey with HUGE eyes.

We went over to Carrie and Dave’s and had a really good relaxing time and a great dinner…that of course Carrie went overboard with as always. We watched The Hangover Blu Ray that we gave them after dinner, Carrie hadn’t ever seen it and she didn’t stay awake for the whole thing, but managed MOST of it!

24th December
written by katherine

Well, all the Christmas presents are wrapped and under the tree…we HAVE to take pictures tomorrow! The stockings are hung and stuffed. We are going to spend Christmas with Carrie & Dave and Sydney again this year. I’m looking forward to it; it’s been too long since we have gotten together. I must say that I am pretty excited for Christmas this year…Baby Isabella got quite a few gifts; I guess she is stealing the spotlight already! It’s time for bed now, gotta wake up a little early to make the devilled eggs!

21st December
written by katherine

Got so busy with the transition that I have been neglecting writing about it! This is the second week that I have been home and I really like not being away from Bob and the kitties and lonely. It is tougher to work like this; I put in a TON of hours last week trying to keep everything together.

I also am not getting nearly as much sleep as I was when I was by myself. Bob just doesn’t want to go to bed at a decent hour! Last week I was exhausted by Thursday night and fell asleep on the couch around 6:30…something I never do! I’m going to have to get used to this and force myself to go to bed even if he is not coming with me…although he really needs the sleep too, he’s pretty much exhausted by the weekend.

I also foolishly tried to fit in a bunch of things that I had been putting off, most notably the dentist and my physical. The dentist went fine, they didn’t do an exam because they wouldn’t have done x-rays, so it was just a cleaning; however, she didn’t seem to notice any trouble spots. The physical is another story! While everything in general was just fine, my cholesterol has risen 100 points in the last two years! OUCH! I am certain that the last 6 months of my pregnancy diet, while not putting on the pounds in general has really hurt my cholesterol. I was at 188 overall in Jan 2008 and I am now at 280 overall! NOT GOOD!!! Ironically I had decided myself that I needed to stop the nonsense diet as I had had my fun and I needed to get back to my healthy regular diet again. It will likely take a few months but I’m sure that if I start eating the way I usually do that I can turn it around pretty quickly without any medication or other silliness. We go back into the dr. on Dec. 28th and they have sent over these lab results so he will know as well. They also found that my protein was somewhat low. I will see what they say at the OB when they check my urine for protein. Not really sure what they do if it is low, but we’ll wait and see.

The baby  seems to be doing great, she certainly has a regular schedule when she is up and kicking. I finally got Bob to be patient enough to keep his hand on my belly for an extended period when we were laying in bed on Saturday night so he could actually feel her kick again. She certainly gets active when I am laying on my back, I’m guessing she doesn’t like the lack of space!

I finished up Christmas shopping yesterday, so that feels good. I still have to wrap Bob’s presents, but I plan on doing that today. We really got a lot accomplished recently and that makes me feel really good. The house was starting to look pretty disorganized and messy and we got it all straightened up yesterday. The cleaners are coming today, so that is always a good incentive.

Bob forgot to water the tree all week after we put it up! I was on the phone with him that Thursday night and asked him…thinking for certain that he had watered it considering that he had just told me he had watered my basil on the balcony. NOPE! The tree is looking pretty sad now. We went through a whole ordeal that next weekend to try to saw off a good portion of the base to get it drinking again. I am not sure how successful that was because it looks pretty dead right now, unfortunately. It’s all droopy and starting to lose color.

First time dealing with FSA and of course we have issues with OB and PayFlex! You really have to know and understand how these things get processed to stay on top of them!