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24th January
written by katherine

We had our baby shower yesterday at Papago Brewery. It was a great turnout even though several people did not show that had thought they would. We got tons of presents that I am kind of loathing going through, but there is some pretty darn cute and useful things!

Tonight we went to Four Peaks to watch the Vikings and Saints play in the NFC Championship game. I was really hoping that this would be the year I would see my Vikings finally go to the Super Bowl, but alas it was not meant to be. In a game where Brett Favre threw 2 interceptions and we fumbled 6 times, losing it 4, I was shocked that it was as close as it was. In the end, we marched down the field with 2 minutes left and the game tied at 28. At the point where it would have been a 51 yd Field Goal attempt on 3rd down for Longwell who can easily hit from 52 yds, we got called for too many men on the field, a 5 yd penalty putting us out of range. It was 3rd & 15 with 19 seconds left and Brett threw his final interception In overtime we lost the coin toss and got some bad calls, the crappy Saints kicker happened to get lucky and hit a 40 yarder to win the game. All was silent and sad in the bar, some die-hard Vikings fan were in shock. I guess losing to the Saints was a lot easier to take than virtually any other team, at least I liked them. The stupid Colts also won today, oh well; at least I don’t have to sit through another 4 hours of torment and stress!

22nd January
written by katherine

I feel like I’ve been bad about keeping this up to date but I think that it’s really more a matter of SOOO much going on that it’s hard to write it all down unless I did it every day, which isn’t really reasonable.

Yesterday/Last night we had a HORRIBLE storm! There was actually a tornado that touched down in Scottsdale. Mary and Carrie were supposed to be on the first flight out of Detroit this morning and it got cancelled last night because the plane never left here. They ended up going through Charlotte today and instead of getting in at 10:30 this morning are arriving at about 6:00 pm. Better than a lot of scenarios I could have imagined. Not like there would have been much for them to do here today anyway since it pretty much rained on and off all day and Bob and I both had to work…I was non-stop all day and still have a ton of crap to get organized!

14th January
written by katherine

Man, a lot can happen in a week!
We spent midnight – 4 am in the OB Triage last night because I was pretty concerned that I could possibly have a blood clot. My right foot/ankle were SIGNIFICANTLY swollen and my left wasn’t for over 24 hours. I got concerned and looked it up and all indications were to get checked out for a possible blood clot. I called my OB’s on call emergency # and talked to the Dr. he said that it was likely nothing, but he wanted me to come in and get checked out with a “Doppler” (an ultrasound really) on my lower extremities to look for potential clots. Anyway…they didn’t find anything and my Dr. was so awesome he called me tonight to make sure I got sleep today and to tell me that my glucose test was perfect so no gestational diabetes for me! YAY!
We had a third trimester ultrasound this past Monday and the little darling STILL doesn’t have a nasal bone. Apparently this is quite normal and is likely just familial and she will probably have a little nose like her mommy and daddy. She looked so damn cute! We got to see her in 3D, it was pretty cool, I can’t wait to meet her!

8th January
written by katherine

So I am going in for my blood glucose test for gestational diabetes in a little while. I’ve been putting it off because first, I hate getting my blood drawn and second, I have to sit in that waiting room with all of those sick people for an HOUR!!! Bob is at work so I can’t even make him come with me to keep me company and keep my mind off getting poked. I hope it goes well because if they have to do the test again it is 3 hours and 2 or 3 blood draws, I really want to avoid that! I really need to try to schedule a massage as well, it’s been over two weeks now. I really think that getting massages every 1-2 weeks throughout my pregnancy has helped immensely! I just wish I could find a really good therapist here…so far I had one completely HORRIBLE girl and two that were alright, nothing great.

7th January
written by katherine

Carrie sent out the Evites for the baby shower this morning…they are so cute. She included all these little poems for the information…very clever! We are having the shower on Jan 23rd at 3:00 PM at Papago Brewery in Scottsdale. It should be a lot of fun and I hope a lot of people can make it! I still have to finish working on the registry…holy cow what a pain in the ASS! Even doing it online is just long and tedious…I feel ok that I at least got SOMETHING up on both the Target and Buy Buy Baby sites, but still needs work.

I also finally applied for a Federal Tax ID for the BobKat Consulting LLC. Kind of a pain as well, lots of terms not explained at all, of course. But I think I did it all correctly. I went down to the Amadeus office in Tucson yesterday and had really wanted to go over contracts, etc. with Al for all of this stuff so that it was set, but he had a personal situation and wasn’t down there this week. He promises that we can get it all taken care of early next week and I hope he is right! The drive down to TUS wasn’t that bad, but still long. I ended up spending a full 8 hours in the office, which I wasn’t really expecting to do, but holy cow, everyone wanted to talk! I also had 3 interviews scheduled, two for Developers and one for a replacement for my position. One of the Developers through TekSystems cancelled that morning (not impressed…!) and we were lukewarm about the one we did interview but will likely be making him an offer in the mid-level range. The guy interviewing for Director was pretty good, very solid, I liked his attitude, energy, but I just don’t think he has the experience. I think he would be a GREAT Development Manager and could develop with the right leadership and mentor into a good Director, but I just don’t think he is there yet.

Bob is hogging the VPN connection since today is his work from home day and he has these two big projects both due this week. I’m not getting a whole lot done through webmail, but luckily there isn’t a ton of things that I needed to do anyway. Thus my ability to finally get the tax ID number…next I’m going to work on the complete articles of incorporation for the LLC. This book we got has really come in pretty handy. We also meet with a tax/accounting advisor a couple weeks ago that was recommended to us through Bob’s uncle Barry (he’s Canadian, of course) so that should help us out a lot in figuring some stuff out.  It’s all pretty scary actually…the unknown usually is, but I figure since we are turning our lives upside down with a baby, why the hell shouldn’t we just stretch it as far as possible and get all of the super-scary, never-done-before stuff out of the way at once?!

Over the last week the Crib (we got the one we wanted for $43 less on and FREE shipping), crib mattress, changing pad cover have all been delivered. Looks like the cool QuickZip sheets I ordered, mattress pad and actual Changing pad should show up tomorrow. I’m not sure what we are going to do with the crib and mattress…on the one hand I really want to set the crib up to see if there are any damaged or missing parts as this is a REALLY common occurrence. That way we can get Delta to ship us replacement parts right away. The problem is that we have house guests the 22nd – 31st of January! So we can’t exactly put the crib up in the 2nd bedroom and leave people any room to move around! I’m guessing that we’ll just put them in the Garage with the dresser and armoire until February. We should still have plenty of time if we need parts…I hope!!

We finished putting up the second set of shelving in the garage last weekend and we really have a TON of room now…we do need to go through things in the 2nd bedroom and clear them out if possible and relocate to the garage so that we have more room in there for baby’s stuff.

We also think that we have a good name! Bob came up with it and I really like it: Gabriella. I like the idea of Gabby or Ella as nicknames MUCH better than Izzy! I know that regardless of my distaste for people calling her Izzy they all would have eventually.

Physical changes…of course the belly is now growing much more quickly! I still don’t think I’m overly big for being nearly 7 months, which is good. I’m weighing in at 172 right now…that is still REALLY hard to look at on the scale! I’m only gaining 4-5 pounds a month though, which is pretty good, probably not great, but good. I’ve definitely been eating a bit better since being home and having all my stuff and being able to cook for 2 again. My fingernails and hair are actually starting to see the positive benefits finally too. Probably the last 2-3 weeks the hair has gotten more lustrous and shiny and the fingernails have started growing and are thicker/healthier and whiter. Kind of a cool side effect. A not so cool side effect is that I am definitely having more gas…blech! It is probably most annoying from the point of   being all bloated and uncomfortable because it seems to take a while to get rid of and there doesn’t seem to be much rhyme or reason to what sets it off!

I’ve been listening to a lot of classical music while working…I think the baby likes it. I know that I certainly do, so it’s not like it’s hard for me to do! I honestly feel a little more focused if I’ve got some good classical playing in the background. I also shock myself sometimes that I know what so many of the tunes are and who the composer is! I guess some of that really stuck with me even after 15+ years!

Copy of the Evite for the Baby Shower… (for posterity’s sake!)

Host: Carrie Denk
Location: Papago Brewing
7107 East McDowell Road
Scottsdale, AZ 85257 US
View Map
When: Saturday, January 23, 3:00PM    Add to my Outlook Calendar
Phone: 602-319-3629
Hey Diddle Diddle, have you seen Katherine’s Middle???

We are tickled pink and happy to say,
Alas, a darling Micro-Wilson is on the way!
There will be no more pub crawls from Phoenix to Tempe,
But instead a sweet baby girl crawling for all to see.

In honor of the expecting parents and sweet soul soon to arrive,
Please join us in raising a Pint or two.
Doesn’t matter whether it’s a Stout, Ale, Lager or Wheat,
As long as we soon see those cute tiny feet!

Although cards are nice
They are read once or twice
A book is a treasure
Forever and Forever
Instead of a card
To be put aside
Please give baby girl Wilson
A book with your name inside

We realize that many may not be able to travel for the event
Even if just to escape your cold winters and bask in our sun.
We wanted you to know that you will definitely be missed
And the party just won’t be as fun!

The couple is registered at Target and Buy Buy Baby.

2nd January
written by katherine

So…we have spent a lot of money over the last two days, some of it things that we needed and intended to buy, others not so much! We had been talking about getting a PS3 for the last few weeks because the progressive scan DVD player that I bought 6 or 7 years ago was really not working…it could easily take 30-40 minutes of us messing with the tray to get it to close and read the disc. I’m pretty sure that the cleaners probably had it open when they were dusting and forced it closed, thus messing the mechanism up. We were looking into DVD players and figured that if we were going to buy a new one, we should go ahead and get a Blu-Ray player (why not upgrade…) and if we were getting a Blu-Ray player the one in the Sony PS3 was still one of the absolute best players out there. For another $100 we got a gaming system. I know that Bob is not gong to have time to actually PLAY any more games, but he still hasn’t accepted that fact yet! We used the $250 that Bob’s mom gave us for Christmas to pay for most of it…unfortunately there are a lot of unseen expenses, like the remote control and the HDMI cable…nearly as expensive as the console itself!