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30th March
written by katherine

I can’t believe that I haven’t written in so long…holy cow a lot has happened, although I haven’t had the baby yet! I’m going to break this down into a timeline when I should have been writing all of this stuff since there were a few milestones.

35 Weeks 1 day (March 6th)

We went to Sydney’s birthday party today, Carrie got a bounce house for the kids and they LOVED it! We got there early to help her out with some prep which was good since apparently the dog got out the previous night and they spent several hours looking for the bad boy, putting them behind schedule. It was a lovely day, about 25 adults and nearly 20 kids…CRAZY! Carrie told everyone she was pregnant with baby #2, she wore a cute shirt that said “Yes I’m Pregnant”.

After the party I was pretty wiped out but we had been talking about getting another cat since Myah was so obviously depressed and lonely. We went to 2 different PetSmart stores and found what we thought was a good choice at the 2nd one. Adoption fees had gone down to $50 and we gave a $25 donation along with about $50 in supplies (litter box, his food, cardboard carrier, some toys). The cat we got is about 14 months old, all orange striped, but subtle stripes with orange eyes. We (Bob) named him Molson.

36 Weeks (March 12)

The baby dropped! After I had my massage today the baby noticeably dropped down and isn’t sitting under my rib cage any longer. You can see the shape of my belly is far different. I had actually been thinking about it all day so it’s kind of ironic that it occurred when it did, even said to my massage therapist “I’m just waiting for her to drop that is the last milestone before she arrives”.

36 Weeks 3 days (March 15)

I got the Group B Strep test done today…quick and painless just a swab of outside of the 2 “areas”. Everything is still wonderful; my blood pressure is still low and no other issues.

37 weeks (March 19)

So Bob’s coworkers decided to throw him a surprise baby shower and contacted me over FaceBook to invite me as an added surprise. He figured it out in the morning when he saw all the food coming out for potluck and Sandy had to tell him it was for him, but he still didn’t know that I was going to be there. It was pretty funny when I got there as Bob was the only one who was still heads down working while everyone else was pretty much waiting around for the lunch to start. He was very shocked when he actually popped up after Fred told him it was time to go eat. The food was really great, and so was the CAKE! The group was so generous, I was so humbled by the great gifts, they really went far beyond what they should have and it was very much appreciated.

37 weeks 1 day (March 20)

I finally put up some decal polka dots on the closet door, they are pretty cute! Bob got some progress made on the mudding on the laundry room, I think he might actually finish this!

37 weeks 3 days (March 22)

We now go to the Dr. every Monday morning. Got the results of the Group B Strep…NEGATIVE! YAY! Not like it’s a big deal, but honestly I’d rather not have to deal with the 5 hours of antibiotics if I can avoid it, which I now can!

37 Weeks 6 Days (March 25)

I had woken up yesterday morning and let out a big cough and could feel a bunch of crud rumbling around in my lungs. I didn’t cough any more all day until later at night during the HOA meeting and then it seemed to be pretty regular. Well I woke up this morning and I’m definitely sick…I coughed and hacked all day and finally called the Dr. around 4 to ask if there was anything I could take. I did pretty much no work all day and spent a lot of time in bed…I didn’t get up until 2 pm and took a nice long hot shower. So I spoke to Beth the NP and she said that because I was so close to my due date she was afraid that I might get pneumonia so she prescribed me a Z-pack. We missed the Target Pharmacy by literally 4 minutes so I have to go back tomorrow to get the thing filled…which upset me a little since I want to get rid of this crap as soon as possible. It is difficult to breathe and it scares me to think of going into labor and having limited lung capacity plus feeling like crap!

“gifts” I got for Bob arrived. I got him 2 books that were supposed to be very funny, but goo practical advice on being a first-time dad. Keeping the Baby Alive Until your Wife Gets Home and The new Dad’s Survival Guide

38 weeks 1 day (March 27)

I have the best husband in the world. When I woke up this morning he was gone! I thought he might be down in the garage or up playing games or something, so I called his cell phone. Nope…he was out and about somewhere and told me he’d be back in about an hour with a surprise and not to eat too much. So…I got up and took a shower and started getting ready.

When Bob came home he jumped in the shower and then told me that my surprise was a picnic in the park that he had gone out and gotten all of the stuff for it. So we went across and had a wonderful picnic with AJ’s sandwiches and a strawberry daiquiri cheesecake and chocolate covered strawberry for desert. He got me a card that was so touching and thoughtful, it made me cry. The weather was beautiful and sunny and breezy, it was just a great couple of hours with my wonderful husband. I know that he will be as amazing a father as he is a husband and I am so incredibly grateful!

We went back to the condo and put on some sunblock and headed out to the Tempe Festival of the Arts for a nice walk and to check out some stuff. We ended up being out for about 2.5 hours, which was probably a little bit too long for me to be on my feet. We picked up a few tasty spice packets but didn’t really see too much that we were interested in. We also tried out the ice cream shop “Sparky’s” that replaced Cold Stone on Mill Ave. Not too bad, but a little overpriced.

38 Weeks 3 days (March 29)

Dr. Appointment this morning and we are checking my cervix. I am really hoping that we have some progress.

The Dr. checked me and it kinda hurt actually…he said he was pushing on the baby’s head to make sure she was in the right position. So…I am 2 cm Dilated and 50% effaced! How exciting! He said she is in the right position and ready to go any time! I hadn’t really thought about this, but he said that if I am dilating before I go into labor it’s a good thing because it will make labor go that much faster. I guess I can technically walk around 2 or even 4 cm dilated for “weeks”…hopefully that’s not the case, but it is nice to know that we are making progress! He actually said that after I am 39 weeks he will induce me if I’d like…I guess I’d rather her show up on her own unless of course there is some sort of issue or problem…obviously. I have definitely been having more contractions over the last few days and there have been some that are a little painful, just nothing at all consistent that would be considered labor.

I have weighed 185 pounds for the last two visits. Ironically this is Bob’s IDEAL hockey playing, best shape of his life, weight. I will definitely not try to dwell on it too much, I feel great and I don’t have any stretch marks on my stomach (I realize how incredibly lucky this makes me). I’m sure I’ll be able to lose it…I plan on doing the P90X (I think Bob is going to join me) once I can be active after baby. It should be easy to lay off the alcohol too, which I’m sure was a contributor to the unwanted belly fat I had going on pre-baby. Don’t get me wrong, I’m totally going to enjoy some wine, but it will be far fewer times a week and fewer glasses per occasion. I think I can probably stay away from too much of my favorite Four Peaks Hefeweizen until football season starts too…I think…!


So, I’m sitting at Liberty Market after we checked the ladies out of the Gilbert house tonight. There is this Mac/iPhone coder meet-up here every Tuesday that Bob has come to a few times to get some expert help with his iPhone app for work, I decided to come with him because I am cherishing the time we spend together and I figured it would actually force me to write this and catch up!! Looks like we’ve got some real GEEK POWER at the shindig, I see why he’s interested in coming here.

So the carpal tunnel really sucks, sometimes it is amazingly painful and I can barely do simple things. I have Bob open anything that requires a twist motion since that is nearly impossible. I am really glad that this is going to go away once I have her! I still feel pretty good, I took my last antibiotic today, I hope to God it kills whatever this is off because it really sucks. The thing moved to my Sinuses on Sunday…lovely. I’ve had lots of sneezing and my nose constantly running and leaking. I’m really glad that the Dr. cleared me to take over the counter stuff for it or I don’t know if I could take it. I took the humidifier out of the baby’s room a couple nights ago and put it in ours and run it all night. I think it helps a little, but it’s such a large area to try to humidify.

The little ones is definitely ACTIVE! We have discovered that she apparently likes (or hates) the “fight” music in Bob’s God of War III video game. When it’s on she is just going NUTS…Bob said it’s like she is playing basketball in there. She wakes me up a couple times through the night as well after she’s been exposed to it…strange.

The “rash” thing on my stomach under my right rib has not gone away, although it has gotten less painful since she has dropped and isn’t pressed right up there anymore. Her little butt is still in that area though, she is always on my right side, I don’t think she has really moved in over 3 weeks, position-wise.

I still have a barely belly button…sometimes it is completely flat, but others it has a little dip still…I am really shocked!

Holly & Chris have their trip booked for April 24-May 1. They are going to stay out in the Gilbert house since we don’t have any renters. It should be comfortable for them. Once they leave, depending on when Mary ends up coming out we are going to do the PODS thing and pack all of the furniture and everything up and put it into storage. If we can rent it unfurnished with minimal amenities then we are pocketing something off the place.

I found a bunch of the old photo albums that Holly and I had not seen forever and weren’t sure where they could be. I was pretty sure I had them, just hadn’t found them. There was a box that I literally had not opened since I moved out of the house for college…wouldn’t you know it, jackpot! Holly and I plan to scan as much as possible when she comes out and save them all to DVD and/or hard drive. They still look ok, but some of the very old ones are starting to fade. The albums themselves are trash…we need to move them into something else.

Blech, I’m getting tired and battery is at 30% so I don’t know how much longer I can take. Looks like we’re leaving.

2nd March
written by katherine

The trip to Tucson was difficult, I hated being away.

Went to the Dr. yesterday and I’m measuring 35 weeks, which is right in line with where I should be. I asked him if he could tell where she was positioned and as I thought her head is down and her butt is under my ribs on the right. We all believe that she will be a nice 7.5 pound baby, not a giant monster baby like everyone else has been having…yay!

I have had some very minor spotting the last few days and called the Dr. this afternoon since it had been going on since Saturday night. It has been VERY little and I don’t have any other symptoms like cramping but I decided to call anyway. The Dr. did not think it was anything to be concerned about as pregnancy causes blood vessels to break all the time, plus we had intercourse Saturday night. He told me if the bleeding increases or I start having cramping or pain to go to the triage. Hopefully it’s not anything that continues, just so I don’t worry about it.

The baby was crazy active late this morning…I don’t know what she was doing but she was jumping all over the place, that is the most I think that she has moved ever and it went on for a really long time! In general she pushes back when you press on her now and she moves my laptop up and down when I have it resting on my belly…quite funny actually. I am anticipating the moment when I will be able to tell exactly what body part she is pressing against me…I think it would be cool to see a little hand or foot in full outline against my belly!

I found out late last week that Carrie is finally pregnant with baby #2! Very exciting, she is about 12 weeks now. It is Sydney’s birthday party on Saturday, I can’t believe she is going to be TWO already! Carrie plans on telling everyone then.

We got a new print/fax/scan/copy machine at Costco on Sunday and have it all set up along with Quicken. It is a cool machine with special photo printing 4800 dpi which should be excellent for photos. I’m excited to finally have a scanner/copier especially so that I can scan all of my old photos, especially the family ones and get them electronic finally! Also makes it a lot easier to handle the business stuff as well as medical receipts, etc. I already started scanning some.