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24th September
written by bob

Hanging out with G over the past couple of weekends, she has been getting very good at sitting up all on her own. Playing in her room one Saturday morning, we captured this video on my iPhone. Judging from the mediocre quality of the video, it looks like Katherine and I need to get the software installed on our laptops to download the HD video of our new HD camcorder! I have no excuse…I just need to do it.

Guilliana wants so bad to get up and start running for things especially Teemu (‘tee-moo’), her kitty, who happens to be one month older than she. He really loves her and is always coming around to see what she’s up to. On the flip-side, you can forget keeping G’s attention once Teemu prances into the room. She is just totally interested in whatever he’s doing. Surprisingly, he has been very gentle with her despite G getting a handful of kitty-fur and pulling on his stomach, tail, and ears! He’s a glutton for punishment as he keeps coming back for more. However, he has figured out his ‘safe’ radius from Guilliana’s reach and takes advantage of it here and there. In the end, Teemu just can’t help himself, he walks a bit too close and is reminded where that radius is again. Silly Teemu…but he loves Guilliana!