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29th October
written by bob

Well…it finally made its first appearance. Guilliana’s first tooth cut through on her bottom right side! It’s only really been…oh…a SOLID 4+ month of drool and constant wiping. Hmmmm…maybe that’s why G has been a bit of a ‘Crank-o-potamous’ lately and waking up a few times throughout the night for the past couple weeks! Needless to say, it’s been a bit rough on mommy and daddy’s sleep schedule and amount.

Last week it was family portrait day for all of us! Guilliana is now 6 months and we figured since she is sitting up all on her own and much more engaged than she was at 3 months, it was time for family pics. A couple of months ago we called our amazing photographer, Alan Mermelstein of Moments Found Photography to book a photo session with him.

Alan did such and incredible job at our wedding that we wanted him to photograph our new family. While he had an extremely busy schedule with weddings and vacation, we decided to hold out until his schedule fit ours. Yes, he’s THAT GOOD!

Both Katherine and I would HIGHLY recommend Alan for your wedding which is pretty much all he photographs. Here are the final photos put into a slideshow with music on Alan’s site:

Wilson Family.

However with our adventure, he might be looking at doing some family portraits in the future. All we can say is…”You will not be disappointed!” Check out his website and drop him an email to find out about a potential appointment for the best photos you’ll ever have taken. Alan and Moments Found Photography can also be found on Facebook. Be sure to check out his page!