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8th December
written by bob

Oh boy, FINALLY! This didn’t take forever…NOT! Mommy & Daddy have been neglecting to write regular posts in our blog so I, Guilliana, had to take it upon myself to blog now! Seeing how both my parents are total geeks, looks like I have inherited these essential qualities too! Whoohoo!

Now let’s get to it…

G's monkey costume

Guilliana's first halloween 2010.

Lately my parents think I play with my toys however, over the past few months, I have been watching my dad and studying what he’s been doing on the silver, rectangle-thingy. Daddy calls it his “Mac”. Oh SWEET, he has decided to detour to the bathroom so I’m going to play “with his Mac”. :)

A couple weeks ago my mommy and daddy dressed me up in this silly monkey outfit. Once I saw myself in the mirror the only thing I could think was, “E-gad, I look like the sponge monkey I have in the tub at bath time!” But they kept telling me I was “cute”. I don’t know, what do you think?

At least when they put me in the dreaded car seat, I had a padded behind in my monkey suit! That made it a nice, comfortable ride! Then to top it all off, mommy & daddy dressed up in clothes I have NEVER seen either of them wear (in my 7 short months of life so far)! Hats and all, you should have seen them. What a pair! Shhhh…don’t tell them but I think they looked funny! Oh wait, let me grab daddy’s “iPhone” and upload one he took of all of us. Looks like they were opting for a “Safari” theme for Halloween this year. Well, DAMN…mission accomplished, Steve Irwin! Just look at our pic.

Daddy, G, & Mommy all dressed up.

Anyways…we drove to Dave & Carrie’s house so that I could hang out with Sydney, Londyn, Dominic, and Blake. Us kids needed to get our sugar-fix and trick-or-treating was our first order of business that night. We perused Syd’s hood in our wagons/strollers with our parents in tow and were out for a couple of hours! MAJOR CANDY SCORE! Heck, we even saw a live band playing in some dude’s driveway! Not a bad night at all, in my honest opinion. We made out like bandits with candy and saw all kinds of others with great costumes too. It was sooooo much fun! I can’t wait until next year…then I’ll be able to walk on my own. Buahahahaha, lookout world!

OH CRAP!! Speaking of walking, I hear mommy or daddy footsteps coming so I need to grab one of my “noise-making” toys and look busy…’til next time, this is G-monkey!