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4th September
written by bob

Over the past couple of weeks, we have gone from helping G climb stairs to watching. Yep, that’s right! Guilliana has informed us that she is big enough to climb stairs on her own now. Check out the video below as we are at the local “jardin” (garden/park) where G loves to hang out, climb the equipment, slip down the slide, and generally just be a kid!

I stopped filming just short of the little troll in the pink shirt pushing G out of the way ONLY to stand on the slide and let NO other kids go down. Looks like daddy going to have to start giving G-Monkey hockey fighting lessons! The little girl (more appropriately little “brat”) had ZERO manners and would be considered the bully at the playground!

Lesson #1 – Grab opponent’s collar at the back of their shirt. Pull shirt over opponent’s head so they can’t see. First punch to your opponent’s nose and then unload a flurry of rights and lefts until opponent begs for mercy. Nice work. You have now graduated to Lesson #2 (to be determined…as needed).

Au revoir, mon amis!