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25th February
written by bob

Guilliana is just itching to get into the Information Technology world; so much so that she’s already decided to start giving mommy a hand with her duties at work. G is blazing fast and puts daddy to shame from a perspective of how much (and how quick) she gets “everything” completed! Watch her send out email and faxes…check her out in action! That keyboard is about to light on fire!

8th December
written by bob

Oh boy, FINALLY! This didn’t take forever…NOT! Mommy & Daddy have been neglecting to write regular posts in our blog so I, Guilliana, had to take it upon myself to blog now! Seeing how both my parents are total geeks, looks like I have inherited these essential qualities too! Whoohoo!

Now let’s get to it…

G's monkey costume

Guilliana's first halloween 2010.

Lately my parents think I play with my toys however, over the past few months, I have been watching my dad and studying what he’s been doing on the silver, rectangle-thingy. Daddy calls it his “Mac”. Oh SWEET, he has decided to detour to the bathroom so I’m going to play “with his Mac”. :)

A couple weeks ago my mommy and daddy dressed me up in this silly monkey outfit. Once I saw myself in the mirror the only thing I could think was, “E-gad, I look like the sponge monkey I have in the tub at bath time!” But they kept telling me I was “cute”. I don’t know, what do you think?

At least when they put me in the dreaded car seat, I had a padded behind in my monkey suit! That made it a nice, comfortable ride! Then to top it all off, mommy & daddy dressed up in clothes I have NEVER seen either of them wear (in my 7 short months of life so far)! Hats and all, you should have seen them. What a pair! Shhhh…don’t tell them but I think they looked funny! Oh wait, let me grab daddy’s “iPhone” and upload one he took of all of us. Looks like they were opting for a “Safari” theme for Halloween this year. Well, DAMN…mission accomplished, Steve Irwin! Just look at our pic.

Daddy, G, & Mommy all dressed up.

Anyways…we drove to Dave & Carrie’s house so that I could hang out with Sydney, Londyn, Dominic, and Blake. Us kids needed to get our sugar-fix and trick-or-treating was our first order of business that night. We perused Syd’s hood in our wagons/strollers with our parents in tow and were out for a couple of hours! MAJOR CANDY SCORE! Heck, we even saw a live band playing in some dude’s driveway! Not a bad night at all, in my honest opinion. We made out like bandits with candy and saw all kinds of others with great costumes too. It was sooooo much fun! I can’t wait until next year…then I’ll be able to walk on my own. Buahahahaha, lookout world!

OH CRAP!! Speaking of walking, I hear mommy or daddy footsteps coming so I need to grab one of my “noise-making” toys and look busy…’til next time, this is G-monkey!

29th October
written by bob

Well…it finally made its first appearance. Guilliana’s first tooth cut through on her bottom right side! It’s only really been…oh…a SOLID 4+ month of drool and constant wiping. Hmmmm…maybe that’s why G has been a bit of a ‘Crank-o-potamous’ lately and waking up a few times throughout the night for the past couple weeks! Needless to say, it’s been a bit rough on mommy and daddy’s sleep schedule and amount.

Last week it was family portrait day for all of us! Guilliana is now 6 months and we figured since she is sitting up all on her own and much more engaged than she was at 3 months, it was time for family pics. A couple of months ago we called our amazing photographer, Alan Mermelstein of Moments Found Photography to book a photo session with him.

Alan did such and incredible job at our wedding that we wanted him to photograph our new family. While he had an extremely busy schedule with weddings and vacation, we decided to hold out until his schedule fit ours. Yes, he’s THAT GOOD!

Both Katherine and I would HIGHLY recommend Alan for your wedding which is pretty much all he photographs. Here are the final photos put into a slideshow with music on Alan’s site:

Wilson Family.

However with our adventure, he might be looking at doing some family portraits in the future. All we can say is…”You will not be disappointed!” Check out his website and drop him an email to find out about a potential appointment for the best photos you’ll ever have taken. Alan and Moments Found Photography can also be found on Facebook. Be sure to check out his page!

24th September
written by bob

Hanging out with G over the past couple of weekends, she has been getting very good at sitting up all on her own. Playing in her room one Saturday morning, we captured this video on my iPhone. Judging from the mediocre quality of the video, it looks like Katherine and I need to get the software installed on our laptops to download the HD video of our new HD camcorder! I have no excuse…I just need to do it.

Guilliana wants so bad to get up and start running for things especially Teemu (‘tee-moo’), her kitty, who happens to be one month older than she. He really loves her and is always coming around to see what she’s up to. On the flip-side, you can forget keeping G’s attention once Teemu prances into the room. She is just totally interested in whatever he’s doing. Surprisingly, he has been very gentle with her despite G getting a handful of kitty-fur and pulling on his stomach, tail, and ears! He’s a glutton for punishment as he keeps coming back for more. However, he has figured out his ‘safe’ radius from Guilliana’s reach and takes advantage of it here and there. In the end, Teemu just can’t help himself, he walks a bit too close and is reminded where that radius is again. Silly Teemu…but he loves Guilliana!

4th August
written by bob

Ok, so it has been a while since our last post. Yeah…I know what you’re thinking, “Bob & Katherine aren’t too frequent in the blogging arena.” Well, you’re right but in our defense, we are first-time parents adjusting to life with a 4-month old. While the adjustment was abrupt in the beginning, it has become a bit easier as time goes on.

It’s hard to believe but our Guilliana is now 16 weeks old!

G standing tall!

G showing off her Canada Bear!

For whatever reason time seems to move so quickly now with her. Just the other night Katherine and I were discussing ‘gone are the days where G slept on our chest’. She’s even graduated from the pack-n-play in our room and sleeps in her ‘big girl’ crib in her own room. At first we were a bit leary of moving her since one always has worrisome thoughts when she wasn’t in sight. But, that was just something we, as new parents, had to get accustomed to. There was something comforting about having her in our room with us. Let me assure you, things are just fine now…we have baby monitors! ;)

I would honestly say, at this point, the toughest period we’ve had was the first four weeks. Having to get up every 2 hours for feedings was rough! I’m not kidding. We are both used to sleeping until whatever time we want on weekends. Now…our sleep schedule is dictated by our daughter. However I have to say that from the time that she was 4 weeks old, G was sleeping 6 hours a night. Now that’s something we were able to cope with. I can easily live on 6 hours of sleep however Katherine, in the other hand, requires at least 8. Of course she has learned over the past 4 months to live on less and, I should say, she has adjusted well!

Fortunately our saving grace with G’s sleeping pattern is that she takes after the two of us! On any given night she usually sleeps a minimum of 9 hours but, like last night, she slept 11.5 hrs! Can you say, “WHOO HOO!!”. Let’s hope she keeps her nightly minimum of 9 hours sleep up and we won’t complain one bit.

Guilliana is now completely supporting her head and wants to constantly sit up and see what’s going on around her! G is also now standing albeit with our ‘balance’ help for about 5-6 minutes at a time. She loves it! She is actively engaged in ‘conversation’ with us and certainly likes to talk. Her ‘coos’ and ‘squeals’ are comforting and enjoyable to listen to all day! Last weekend while entertaining her with my various ‘fart’ noises, she giggled! It was the one of the most incredible noises I have ever heard in my life! It was magical! I laughed and cried at the same time. Believe me when I say, ‘there is nothing like the laughter of your own child(ren)!’ Enjoy this video of my conversation with Guilliana.

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16th April
written by bob

Well, we made it! Katherine and I are now home from the hospital after witnessing, firsthand, the birth of our daughter. What an amazing experience! I can’t think of anything else in my life that can compare to this…just unbelievable! Anyone who already has kids will relate to what I’m going to say next. There is no better feeling in the world and see your first-born child and experiencing that with your wife.

Fortunately for us (Katherine more than I), labor was relatively quick in the grand scheme of things. We arrived at the hospital at 10pm Wednesday evening and by 10am the next day the doctor broke Katherine’s water. I had a little bit of time and decided to run down to the cafeteria to grab a quick bite to eat since I hadn’t had anything thus far that morning. No sooner had I returned from grabbing a takeout salad from the hospital cafe and Katherine was having some serious labor contractions.

Guilliana & Mommy

Guilliana & Mommy

I quickly set my food aside and asked the nurses where I could help out. At this point, the contractions were so strong that Katherine had ordered her epidural however they told her that she would have to ingest a full bag of saline ingested via IV. While we waited for the IV saline bag to empty, Katherine had a number of contractions; all with increased intensity and pain.

I really felt bad that this point. I hate seeing my wife in pain and always want to trade places with her in such instances especially when it comes to needles. I’m not a fan of needles and Katherine absolutely fears them for good reason. Usually when she has to have her blood drawn the technician, more often than not, has to stick her 2-4 times due to her small, squiggly veins before they actually are successful. I stood behind Katherine and attempted to help alleviate the some of her labor pain on a pressure point that the nurse showed me. Unfortunately, some times I wasn’t pressing hard enough. The hard part was that I saw her in pain and was a bit unsure of exactly how much force to apply. She continued to breath through the labor pains and as she completed each one her legs would shake involuntarily. At this point, I was afraid of Katherine’s legs giving out at the end of a contraction.

After 25 minutes the saline bag has finally drained and we can have the anaestetician to come do perform the epidural. It was another 15 minutes before the anaestetician showed up and a few more painful contractions occurred in that time. As the doctor placed the epidural needle I helped Katherine through a few more contractions. Once completed Katherine was allowed to sit back in bed and let the drug take its affect. Almost instantly she noticed the intensity of her contractions to be less that the previous ones. This made me feel somewhat at ease knowing that the pain was, at least, slightly “curbed” for my incredible wife! Shortly thereafter and a couple of exam checks our nurse, Grace, informed us that Katherine was pretty much fully dilated and it was time to push. No time for a catheter now as things progressed very fast.

The clock was closing in on 12pm, Thursday, April 8 and our OB doctor (Dr. Szmuc) had come in to check on us and re-assured that things were right on schedule and progressing perfectly. As contractions came Katherine pushed as instructed and a student nurse and myself assisted Katherine’s numb legs in the labor process. At around 1:30pm Dr. Szmuc came back in to check on us and inform us that he would be staying to deliver our daughter instead of heading back to his office for the afternoon. We were very thankful for that since he is whom we both wanted to deliver the baby. All the while, Katherine had been pushing for each contraction that she was having and making great progress. The baby was so close to coming out, or so I thought.

Sleeping Guilliana

Sleeping Guilliana

I kept reassuring Katherine, who was doing an incredible job, that the baby was sooooo close. Twenty minutes later the doctor was suiting up and getting ready to deliver our baby. As this point the baby was so close she was starting to crown and I could see her full head of black hair! Once ready Dr. Szmuc sat down in position to help Katherine deliver the baby. From this point forward, Katherine literally only had to push 4 more times and Baby Guilliana arrived into our world at 2:17pm. What a relatively quick labor…about 3.5 – 4 hrs in total! Both Katherine and I were very appreciative for this.

Again, seeing my daughter born into the world was the most amazing feeling I had ever experienced. I thought I had experienced it all when I married the love of my life at the top of Aspen Mountain in Aspen, Colorado. Don’t get me wrong, the feeling of watching your wife walk down the aisle to you at 12,000 ft was incredible and one I will never forget. However, seeing the birth of Guilliana I have to say it was truly amazing!

We welcomed our daughter Guilliana at 2:17pm on April 8 weighing 6 lbs 1 oz and measuring 19.5 inches long. We love you and are so thankful for your safe arrival!