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7th October
written by bob

Here is my latest letter that I have sent off to Congress and my local AZ Representatives:

Please oppose increased government involvement in health care. Please work to reduce government involvement in health care.

The Senate Finance Committee finalized a healthcare bill without knowing what it will cost. That’s irresponsible.

Even worse, you guys are hiding the true costs of your proposals by pushing their full implementation beyond the 10-year accounting window used by the Congressional Budget Office. That’s fraudulent.

If corporate CEOs behaved this way you’d use Sarbanes-Oxley to put them in jail.

Madoff defrauded in the billions. You guys commit fraud in the trillions. DO NOT PASS THE HEALTHCARE BILL!

There is so much fraud is other Government programs that should be corrected before we enact another such program that will be riddled with deficit. Tort Reform, need I say more? You should also seriously think about opening up Healthcare across State lines to increase competition. This is a no-brainer that DC apparently can’t get through their thick skulls. By the way, can you name one Government program that is a profitable one? Let me know when you figure it out – I’ll be waiting. And yes, this is the exact reason why a majority of people DO NOT want the Government in our healthcare; because it will be a disastrous FAILURE!

It has been reported that Harry Reid has apparently written in special treatment for his State of Nevada where they don’t have to pay as much (along with 3 other States) while some States (like CA) have to pay more than the norm? This is ludicrous!

Just know that ‘We the People’ are watching and if you pass this Bill without reading it, without giving the US public the chance to read it, or use the ‘nuclear’ option – we will give you a ‘pink-slip’. You represent ‘us’! Are we clear?

I cannot believe the sorry state of affairs that both Democrats & Republicans have gotten this great country into. Money has corrupted DC and every politician out there. Congress is out of control and out of touch with reality. You should all be fired! This is not how this country was founded nor was intended to be run.

You should all be ashamed of yourselves!

Anyone think they will get the message? Feel free to copy, re-use, alter/edit this letter for your own use to send onto Congress should you feel the same burning passion I do.