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17th November
written by bob

I saw a news report this morning while getting ready for work in my daily morning routine.  Approximately six months ago Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of the Department of Health & Human Services, stated that the US would be ready for the H1N1 (swine) flu pandemic that has now been declared.  She informed the US public that by the end of November this year the US would have 120 million H1N1 vaccines.  In the not too distant past, that 120 million turned into a revised 40 million.  Today, the news report I watched stated the US would be ‘lucky’ to have 30 million on hand by the end of this month, just 2 weeks away.

As I was commuting in on the light rail train today, I thought of this question to answer for yourself…if the US government cannot get this vaccine issue right, who the heck thinks they will be able to run your Healthcare?  Now the public will have to ‘wait’ for more vaccine.  Hmmm, sounds a lot like a socialist healthcare system, just like that in my native country of Canada where long lines, wait times, and rationed care are the norm.  The American public depended on the US Gov to execute this ‘BASIC’ of healthcare tasks and look what happened – they failed.  It doesn’t leave me with a ‘warm-fuzzy’ feeling.  You decide.