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1st August
written by bob

Yesterday Katherine, Guilliana and I took a walk down to the marina, Port Vauban. We have heard from some of the locals here in Antibes that Port Vauban is the largest leisure port in the World. I have to say…it is quite spectacular! There are some amazing boats, errr YACHTS, that are docked here.

Billionaires Row

Quoted from Wikipedia:

    Port Vauban is a French yachting harbor located in Antibes on the French Riviera. Originally a natural harbor in use since before the Roman Empire, the port was fortified by S├ębastien Le Prestre, Seigneur de Vauban, later Marquis de Vauban, King Louis XIV’s military engineer.

    Port Vauban now serves as the home of the Yacht Club d’Antibes and is the largest marina (in terms of total tonnage of the boats and yachts moored there) in the Mediterranean Sea. Some of the world’s largest and most lavishly appointed yachts have Port Vauban as their home port, including Russian oil businessman Roman Abramovich’s 86 m Ecstasea and his gift to fellow Russian businessman Eugene Shvidler (Le Grand Bleu). Co-founder of Microsoft Paul Allen’s yacht Octopus is a regular visitor to the harbor.

To view the slideshow, click the “yacht” below!

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31st July
written by bob

Last week I decided to get out of the house and get some fresh air. Since March this year I have been working completely 100% remotely here in Antibes. However as of tomorrow, August 1, I will have to go back into the office once again. This isn’t exactly to my liking but necessary to continue employment. (For the record, if any of you reading this needs (…ahem, wants to hire) a great software, web application developer, I’m your guy!)

Fort Carre

Remote work has treated me well, allowed me to stay at home and see my daughter every single day. I can say that I’m extremely grateful for that and wish it could continue! I’m going to miss working from home BUT will continue my search for more remote work. I think the best part about working from my home office is that my days aren’t 8 consecutive hours of working. I can work for 4 hrs then break for lunch. After eating & playing with Guilliana, I can then come back to my desk and work a couple more hours. I then typically break for afternoon coffee for an hour to relax, collect my thought, and draw up solutions for whatever software issues I may have encountered during the day/week. After coffee I finish my remaining 2-3 hrs and then call it a day. One last benefit to remote work is my commute. I step outside my office and, across the hallway, Guilliana is playing with her toys where I can join her…immediately!

As I was saying…I decided to get some fresh air and hopped on my handcrafted, Canadian-made “Rocky Mountain Slayer 50″ mountain bike and headed off to check out Fort Carre (pronounced Car-ray) and Port Vauban (pronounced vo-bun) both of which just happen to be right down the street from us.

Next time I will have pics from an actual tour of the entire Fort. Unit then…here are last week’s pics…enjoy the slideshow!

Take care, mon amis!

Au revoir!

Actual pics can be found here Fort Carre Album